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Simone Simons

After writing about Nightwish’s first two singers, Simone Simons of Epica immediately came to mind. Simone Simons admitted to becoming a Metal vocalist after listening to Tarja Turunen. See, we told you Tarja Turunen was influential.

Simone Simons of Epica

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Born in January 15, 1985 in the Netherlands, Simone Simons started singing in her early teens. It was after listening to Nightwish though that she decided to sing Metal. By her late teens, she joined the Symphonic Metal band Epica.

We first heard of Epica after their 2007 album, the Divine Conspiracy. It’s a pretty epic album, very long, and very bombastic. I know if you live in Europe, you probably think that was late for us to hear of Epica. But for the States, we’re a little bit behind when it comes to good music. A little bit? Try a lot.

Several of us didn’t even know about Nightwish until “Once.” That’s how bad it is out here. Shitty music is in.

Like when we saw Epica live, you wouldn’t believe how small the venues were. We wonder if they even make money doing American tours. They’re really good live. You have to see them. And Simone Simons is absolutely beautiful in real life. These pictures don’t do her justice.

Simone Simons for

Yeah, the downside of living in the States is that these bands don’t tour here that often. It is nice though to see them in small venues. We didn’t get to meet the band members, but know that some people did.

We are though starting to get some people listening to good music. Both of Epica’s latest albums, Requiem for the Indifferent, and The Quantum Enigma both charted on the American Billboard charts. They’re both really good albums.

We feel that there’s no way Epica would be where they are without Simone Simons. Whereas Tuomas was really the catalyst in Nightwish, Epica shares more writing and Simone Simons writes the majority of the lyrics. So she’s not just a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice. She’s also very smart as well.

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