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Ailyn Giménez of Sirenia

Sirenia has been around since 2001, and we’ve first known of them with their previous singer. In 2008 though, Ailyn Giménez from Spain took over vocal duties and we all agree that she’s a great match for the Norwegian Gothic Metal band.

Ailyn Giménez from Sirenia

Ailyn Giménez from Sirenia

Ailyn joins Sirenia

Ailyn Giménez’s first album with the band was The 13th Floor. She’s been with them for three albums now, which hopefully means she’s there to stay. The Enigma of Life was released in 2011 and their most recent one is Perils of the Deep Blue, which was released last year.

Ailyn Giménez from Sirenia

Ailyn performing live

Perils of the Deep Blue

Their latest album, Perils of the Deep Blue has a more Symphonic Metal sound so it’s kind of a hybrid between Gothic Metal and Symphonic Metal. It may be their best effort to date because the sound is very big. Ailyn seems to push her voice more on this album. Which is a good thing.

The music is more dynamic, which pretty epic changes between heavy and beautiful. Ailyn pulls it off perfectly, and thus, deserves some serious recognition as a Metal singer.

In the credits of the CD, it appears Sirenia only has two full time members. Ailyn Giménez is just listed as Ailyn (no last name like Madonna, Prince, or McLovin). Morten Veland, who also co-founded Tristania, who as you may know had a huge development in the development of Gothic Metal, plays practically every other instrument.

The album is very good. Ailyn really pushes her voice and has an enchantingly beautiful voice that works perfectly with the heaviness of the album.

We think of all their albums, their latest was definitely their best as Veland not only appeared to have full freedom, he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder to prove that Sirenia can be as good as Tristania.

Ailyn Sirenia

Ailyn live

Photo credits: The first picture is from Ailyn’s Facebook page. The second picture is from Fevermind and is Public Domain. The third picture is from MathKnight and has a Creative Commons 2.5 license.


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