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Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow is a German Mezzo-Soprano singer/growler best known for her work with Arch Enemy. Earlier this year, she passed the torch to Alissa White-Gluz, although she remains the business manager of the band. Reports say that Angela Gossow wanted to spend more time with her family.

Angela Gossow Arch Enemy

Angela Gossow is best known for her work with Arch Enemy although she had previously sung with a few other bands. She has a voice that is quite rare in the Metal world. She’s one of the few female singers in a band that actually sells albums who also has a sick growl. We’re all hoping she opens doors for other female growlers.

Although there is still some debate over here at Metal Chicks Rule for which is the Melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy’s best album, we actually voted and decided to say Rise of the Tyrant just to list one. Note that this wasn’t a sweep. We all agree on one thing though – we all love Angela Gossow as a vocalist and it’s a shame she stepped down from Arch Enemy. Although it was good to know that she stepped down on good terms and continues to work with the band in a business capacity.

She’s pretty good at leading the band live. She has a pretty awesome stage presence. And she moves and thrashes around and headbangs a lot. They were pretty good live with Angela Gossow and there’s no way you can come out of a show without remembering it fondly years later. We all sincerely hope she inspires a lot more women to follow in her footsteps.

Angela Gossow 2009

Besides her work with Arch Enemy, Angela Gossow also voiced Lavona Succuboso on the show Metalocalypse.

Photo credits:
Alexandre Cardoso in Brazil, licensed CC 2.0
Roman Horník ml at Masters of Rock 2009 in Vizovice, licensed CC 3.0


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    I agree with Angela s rant against Revolver. And the so called hottest chicks in metal is just derivative crap printed by a magazine that have run out of ideas and are afraid to feature any good bands whatsoever.

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