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Chibi from The Birthday Massacre

Chibi, lead singer of the Canadian sort of Metal band “The Birthday Massacre.”

You might be thinking, “is The Birthday Massacre a Metal band?” Well, sort of. They have Metal elements but they also have elements from other genres. We’re going to write about Chibi anyways because she’s a cool chick and the band puts on a good show.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, we really hate to say this, but three of us saw them live back before we had decent cameras on our phones and to be perfectly honest, despite two of us getting right under Chibi and taking pictures zooming in on her, the pictures are simply not good enough to post on this site. This was either 2005 or early 2006 during their tour for their Violet EP, which the same three of us agree was their strongest release.

We apologize for having shitty phones back then. None of us had any idea years later, for one, we’d all still be friends. And for another, we’d be working on a website together that promotes Women in Metal. Hey, you probably don’t know the future either, so pbbbtttth.

We will say however that The Birthday Massacre never did get really big, so if you get the chance to see them live, they’ll be more than likely playing in smaller venues. After the show, the band members were very approachable. We got a chance to talk to some of them. The dudes kind of look the same, so not sure who we talked to. Chibi’s the one girl, the lead singer, and was also really cool. We got high fives from them during their performance and shook their hands after the show.

Some of us don’t like the more pop direction they headed with their more recent stuff, but we all will say that you at least need to hear their Violet EP, the one that had “Blue” on it. It’s a good song, and there were several other good songs on the EP.

Since we failed to deliver some pictures for you, at least you can watch the “Blue” video. Listen to their lyrics too. They’re pretty dark. They don’t call themselves The Birthday Massacre for nothing.


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