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Metal Chicks Rule is four friends who have known each other for years, and all agree on one thing – WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN METAL!!!

We’re supposed to use the word “we” when we agree on things and we’re not supposed to use our real names.  That was the agreement when we started this blog.

We also are supposed to give props whenever possible and stay away from criticizing females in Metal.  Of the four of us, I didn’t like the Tarja vs Anette article at all, but said “just go ahead.”

I happen to like Anette Olzon

I happen to be a Facebook fan of Anette Olzon.  The four of us saw Nightwish on Tarja’s last tour and also saw them on Anette’s first tour.  We liked both shows a lot and Nightwish happens to be my favorite band.  I love Tarja.  I love Anette.  And I now love Floor.  I think of all the women they could have found to replace Anette, they did a great job finding Floor.

Anette Olzon

Anette Olzon with Nightwish

I think Anette gets slammed too much by people and doesn’t get the credit she deserves.  First and foremost, Anette Olzon is the nicest person in the world. So if the criticism against her is mean spirited, I get really angry. I understand some people think she was a bad fit in Nightwish. If you really think that, then the fault is Nightwish. They’re the ones who picked her. They could have said “no” and got another singer.

Live, Anette Olzon is amazing!

I thought that live, she was amazing. She had a lot of charisma on stage and showed on stage how likeable she is. She’s like the same person on stage as she is in person. She’s very down to earth. She’s very likeable, and is really a nice, caring, sweet woman.

She does have a strong voice too. So she has a pop background. Once again, if Nightwish had a problem with that, then why did they pick her? That to me makes no sense.

It’s on YouTube where I hear the worst comments. But I didn’t like the article we posted here either. We said it was a mismatch from the beginning. I didn’t think that. We also said that Imaginaerum was forgettable and they didn’t even say the name of the album. I thought it was pretty good and really showcased what Anette could do.

But whatever. The good thing is the rest of them agreed to let me write this up without any input from them. So this is all me.

I happen to love Anette Olzon and hope when she comes here that she sings a lot from Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum because she was excellent in both albums.

Photo credit: Carly. License – Creative Commons 2.0


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