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Doro Pesch

Let’s again go back to the 80s and remember Doro Pesch from Warlock, and give her props for still being active today

So earlier, we did Lita Ford. Although Warlock from Germany was never as big as Lita Ford got in the States, they still deserve heaps and heaps and heaps of praise for showing the world that chicks can play Metal too, and play it well.

Doro Pesch was the former lead singer of the German Heavy Metal band Warlock from 1982-1988. In that time period, Warlock released four albums. Unfortunately, none of them sold very well in the States. Their fourth and final album Triumph and Agony did crack the Billboard charts, but wasn’t enough to keep the band together. But the older folks here remember seeing Warlock on MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball.

We loved her voice. It was rough. It was mean. And she looked AWESOME in leather.

This is “Fight For Rock.”

Unfortunately, Warlock dissolved. Doro though kept active as the band Doro.

Doro Pesch former singer of Warlock


Doro Pesch is still active today

Doro Pesch is still active today. She gave up raising a family to continue to be active in music.

Doro’s place in Metal history

In the 80s, there weren’t too many successful chicks in Metal unfortunately. There was Lita Ford, Vixen, Bitch, and that’s just about it.

So giving credit where it’s due, Lita Ford and Doro Pesch really helped open the doors to a genre of music that at the time was almost completely dominated by men. Lita Ford deserves a lot of credit, but so does Doro Pesch. And Doro may have had it harder as Lita Ford was already known as one of the members of the Runaways. Plus, Doro was from Germany and as the middle of the 80s drew near, the majority of the successful Metal acts were coming from the States.

So thank you both ladies. Because as we’ve said before, WE NEED MORE CHICKS IN METAL!!!

Photo credit – Doro photographed by Yoshi taken in 2006. Licensed CC-3.0.


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