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Floor Jansen

From After Forever, Nightwish, and ReVamp is Dutch singer Floor Jansen

We first heard of Floor Jansen from the Dutch Symphonic Metal band After Forever. But that band broke up in 2009 and she went to ReVamp, where we sort of forgot about her. Kind of weird that several years later, she resurfaced with one of our favorite all-time bands – Nightwish after that band sacked Anette Olzon (or she quit, sources vary and who knows which one is right).

We have to admit, none of us knew about ReVamp. OK, we’re in the States. When good bands play in Europe, they’re playing huge venues. When they come here, they’re playing in places where we wonder if they even break even.

We have seen both Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon live but none of us have seen Floor Jansen yet. We’ll definitely catch her when Nightwish comes here on their next world tour.

Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen

A little bit about Floor Jansen – she was born in the Netherlands on February 21st, 1981. She is a Dramatic Soprano and has a very powerful voice. She can sing both Metal and Opera. She’s very versatile.

She’s listed as 6’1″ but she appears taller because Tuomas is 6’3″ and they look like they’re the same height. She’s probably a little bit closer to him in height. Hopefully we’ll see her in person because one of the guy writers here is 6’1″ and we’ll see if she’s his height or taller if we see her in person.

Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen

Do we think she fits Nightwish?

We haven’t seen her live yet and she’s not on a Nightwish studio album. However, we have seen their latest DVD and she’s fantastic on the DVD. She has a strong stage presence and a pretty amazing voice. Plus, she looks like a Valkyrie. We think she fits the part perfectly and we can’t wait for Nightwish to come out with a new album with Floor singing.

Photo credits – First picture by Tuomas Vitikainen. Licensed CC 3.0.

Second picture by KaJaNareal. Licensed CC 2.5


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  1. 4/4/2017 | 2:00 am Permalink

    Have seen Annette but not Floor yet. Annette was really good live as she has a very professional presence to her. But it seems like Floor’s a really good fit.

    We’ll see them if they come around to San Francisco.

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