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Liv Kristine

Liv Kristine has been a Metal singer for like forever. Born in 1976 in Norway, she started off singing for the band Theatre of Tragedy.

We found out about her from different ways. We unfortunately have to admit that none of us knew her from her Theatre of Tragedy days. One of us knew her as the backup singer in the Cradle of Filth song Nymphetamine, but the rest of us knew her as the singer for Leaves’ Eyes, for which she co-founded and it’s an amalgam for her name.

Liv Kristine is a Soprano singer and is now married to Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity vocalist Alexander Krull, who she co-founded the band with.

Liv Kristine in Leaves’ Eyes

Leaves’ Eyes currently have five albums, with their most current album Symphonies of the Night late last year. Their style is Symphonic Metal and Liv Kristine adds her Soprano voice with occasional growling done by Krull. Krull also plays keyboards for the band.

We don’t really agree on our favorite album of the five, but we do agree that the highlight of the music is her voice. She has a beautiful voice that stands out and is distinctive.

Lyrically, they often have Viking themes. Lovelorn came out in 2004, followed by Vinland Saga in 2005. Their next album was Njord in 2009, then Meredead in 2011. Then of course their latest one released late last year.

Liv Kristine

Liv Kristine

Musically, despite them being called Symphonic Metal, they have both strong Gothic Metal and Folk Metal elements and some of their songs even utilize folk instruments in addition to Metal instruments and traditional orchestration. Their lyrics tend to be inspired by Norse Mythology and are very folksy.

Liv Kristine is a vegetarian.

Photo credits – Image of Liv Kristine by Sebastian Breier and released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.


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