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Maria Brink

Maria Brink – Vocalist for the American Metal band In This Moment

On this website, it seems like all the Metal Chicks are from Europe. Not all. Today, we have Maria Brink from the American Metal band In This Moment.

Maria Brink

Maria Brink from “In This Moment” live at Fort Rock Festival 2013

In This Moment has a very American Metal sound. They’re very heavy, with more of the focus on raw heaviness and aggression versus melody. Their rhythm guitar work is very heavy and raw sounding. And their lyrics tend to be mean, ruthless, and dysfunctional.

Maria Brink herself can sing pretty, but more of her vocals are screamed and brutal. She ranges from atonal screaming to screaming on key, depending on the song.

In This Moment the band is from Albany, New York and was formed in 2005. Their first album Beautiful Tragedy came out in 2007. They’ve had a total of four studio albums, releasing The Dream in 2008, A Star-Crossed Wasteland in 2010 and their latest Blood in 2012.

Maria Brink

Maria Brink at Fort Rock Festival 2013

Although a lot of her singing is atonal, when she sings, she’s capable of some real pretty vocals. It’s pretty cool that she can do both, and do them both well.

Maria Brink herself is a shapely blonde, very attractive. Not that it should make a difference. We’re just saying because it’s a compliment. But don’t let that fool you. Her voice can be quite brutal and scary.

Their music is listed as Metalcore or Alternative Metal. At Metal Chicks Rule, we’re trying to be diverse and supportive of all types of Metal that features Metal Chicks. Because as we’ve said many times, Metal needs more chicks, not less!!!

Give In This Moment a chance. Their music is surprisingly diverse, ranging from atonal Metalcore screaming to some pretty nice melodic parts.

Maria Brink

Maria Brink – Century Media

Photo credits – Live images of Maria Brink by Luis Blanco, licensed CC-2.0. Other image by Century Media.


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