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We might sell this domain…

We might sell this domain. Roman from Romantic Metal noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in almost three years. He asked if we’re going to do anything with it. So I told him that we’ll probably sell it. He doesn’t want to buy it.

The four of us have all quit writing. We all still love Metal. But promoting women in Metal is kind of like beating a dead horse. We’ve already won. Women are all over Metal. Nobody even notices anymore.

I haven’t even sung in years. So I haven’t been in a band since 2014.

I started this blog with three other friends to promote my band. I was going to talk about more women in Metal and then promote my band. But then life got in the way.

I started working my day job. Landed a huge promotion with a huge pay raise. And suddenly, we all went our separate ways.

So that leaves Roman who was kind of like the fifth wheel. His band Astral Eyes had female singers from 2009-2014 and then they broke up. Then of course he reformed the band a year later with a male singer and even he forgot this blog even existed.

Metal Chicks Rule is for sale

So it’s up for sale. We might sell this domain. Leave a comment if you want it. And we’ll trade emails back and forth and if you offer something worthwhile, I’ll sell it. If your price is too low, I won’t. It’s not like it’s costing me that much. I bought a package deal with my band’s website and a few other websites so no big deal to hold on to it until we get a buyer who’s serious.

He said to throw a link on there for his top 5 female Metal singers blog post. OK Roman. It’s on there. Are you happy now? And why don’t you just buy it?


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