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Sharon den Adel

We all love Sharon den Adel, whether we call Within Temptation, the band she is lead vocalist of, Symphonic Metal or Pop Metal. But regardless of whatever their genre is, we all love Sharon den Adel.

Sharon den Adel, lead vocalist of Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel

Sharon den Adel co-founds Within Temptation

From the Netherlands, Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt co-found the Symphonic Metal band Within Temptation in 1996. Den Adel is listed as having a Mezzo-Soprano range. However, if our ears are correct, she sounds like she can hit both Mezzo-Soprano and Soprano notes.

Their music is pompous and overblown, which to some can be a really good thing. No one will ever say it lacks melody. Personally, we all love them. Their music is catchy and fun. Sharon den Adel is one of the primary songwriters for the band.

We first heard of them around 2007 or so, when they started getting a good following in the States. Since then, we’ve been noticing a lot of copycats. Which isn’t such a bad thing.

They have a lot of similarities with Pop Metal from the 80s, except add keyboards and/or orchestration and instead of a pretty boy with long hair singing, replace him with Sharon den Adel. Which is a good thing. The guys here would much rather look at Sharon den Adel.

If you haven’t heard of Within Temptation yet, judge for yourself their genre. Here is A Shot in the Dark from their 2011 album The Unforgiving.

That album is more produced and catchy than normal and to purists, you might have been disappointed. It sold pretty well, cracking the Billboard 200 in the States and hitting #50.

Their latest album, released this year, is Hydra and is a little bit heavier than their previous effort. We like this one better as it’s more Metal. It even has Tarja Turunen on one of the songs, which is a good thing. We love Tarja.

Sharon den Adel Dour Festival

Sharon den Adel Dour Festival

Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt have three children together.

Oh, and we forgot to mention (not that it needs to be said), Sharon den Adel is drop-dead gorgeous.

Photo credits – First photograph taken in France by Olarcadia for and kindly put into Public Domain. Second photograph taken by Nacht and also put into Public Domain.


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