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Tarja vs Anette

We all love Nightwish.  And this article might sound outdated today.  However, there are currently zero CDs out with Floor right now.  And we’ve seen both Tarja and Anette live, but we haven’t seen Floor live yet.  Well, maybe you have, but we missed the last tour.

So maybe in the near future, we’ll have a Tarja vs Anette vs Floor article. Right now though, it’s Tarja vs Anette.

Tarja vs Anette – Tarja first

Tarja Turunen tarja vs anette

Tarja Turunen was the original singer for Nightwish. She’s an operatic Mezzo-Soprano, who pretty much set the stage for how singers for what would become Symphonic Metal would sound. She influenced pretty much everyone.

Strengths – her voice is unique. It is strong. And she is charismatic. People loved her. She was fun to see live with Nightwish.

Weaknesses – depends who you believe. The other members of Nightwish fired her in an open letter for being a diva. She defended herself by saying that they needed to communicate better and it wasn’t her fault. She doesn’t move much on stage, but that’s not such a bad thing because she’s more like an Opera singer. Their movements are more their expressions on their faces and what they do with their hands and arms. We thought it worked live.

Overall – Nightwish’s best album was Once. That was with Tarja singing. It’s a shame that people just can’t get along. But we’re hoping Floor turns out to be awesome as well.

Tarja vs Anette – Anette next

Anette Olson tarja vs anette

Anette Olson replaced Tarja for two albums and was fired mid-tour. We didn’t expect it to happen. It was a shock to us.

Anette was a singer in a cover band and landed the job because she was very persistent with the members of Nightwish that she wanted the gig. She’s actually a pop singer, not an opera singer. At first, we thought it was weird. Then we thought that the reason they picked a pop singer is to go a different direction.

She only lasted two albums though. Although Dark Passion Play was good, it’s far from Once. We’d like to forget the next album even happened.

Strengths – Anette is great on stage. She has an awesome presence. She moves well, and dances well, and is great at leading the crowd. Her voice is good for what it is. And there’s something about her, after seeing her live, you just have to like her.

Weaknesses – it’s a mismatch though. We are still baffled at why the guys picked a pop singer to replace Tarja. Nothing against Anette. Apples and oranges. We thought it was more a bad choice by the band. She’d be great for most other forms of music. For Nightwish, she’s good enough, but not outstanding. Everyone was expecting to hear someone more like Tarja.

Photo credits – Tarja by Rey Brujo. Anette by David Orlović. Both pictures licensed CC 3.0.


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