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Within Temptation Hydra Review

Well, we’re supposed to do album reviews now and since we already did one of Nightwish’s Once, and we already did a Sharon del Adel page, here’s my Within Temptation Hydra Review.

Within Temptation Hydra Review

Within Temptation’s Hydra

Within Temptation Hydra Review

I finally got around to buying Hydra from Within Temptation a week ago. I’ve listened to it three times now, twice at work and one time while driving. I have several things to say.

First off, Sharon den Adel steals the show. Her voice is excellent. Her voice is perfect. It stands out, and is the main instrument in the album. There are guitar solos on every song, but they’re turned down and you don’t hear them that well. But you do hear Sharon den Adel very well. The album is mixed well, except I think the lead guitar should be turned up higher because it doesn’t really stand out. It’s just there, and it fits with the songs but doesn’t really add or subtract to the music.

Musically, they’re good. They write catchy songs. This album is slightly heavier than their last one. The best song is “Paradise (What About Us?)” which features both Sharon den Adel and Tarja Turunen as a guest vocalist. Tarja sounds excellent. Their voices blend well together. Sharon is softer and Tarja is more operatic, but both of them have strong, passionate voices. I think they should do more songs together in the future.

Some people may not like “And We Run” because it has rapping in it, but I thought it was OK and it fit, even though I personally don’t like Nu Metal. It was different enough from normal Nu Metal that it didn’t suck.

None of the songs were bad. It didn’t have any filler. Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt wrote most of the music and lyrics but not all of them.

All the songs are big and follow a Pop Metal formula. It looked to me that Within Temptation were really trying to get this album high in the Billboard charts. There were a lot of guest singers on this album too, which is something that they do a lot in Pop.

Overall, it’s a pretty good album but if you’re more a Metal purist, this may be too soft and too commercial for you. It doesn’t take any hard chances. It’s great for listening to while driving or working.

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